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Can I just…..?????

Like, this is the single most beautiful piece of animation ever, I mean


Go ahead, click and drag it, I fucking GUARANTEE that whatever frame it lands on will make you feel better about your day.


the only nation i will ever rule is procrastination

I’m awful about your name. I still jump when I hear it. I still feel it rattling somewhere in my stomach. I think I’m jealous of anyone that gets to say it because it’s not my right anymore. Years from now I’ll be standing in a supermarket and someone will casually brush past me, your name falling from their mouth like confetti. I’ll drop everything that I’m holding. My knees will wobble in the way they only did when I was with you. Years from now I’ll still remember how your name tasted in my mouth and I’ll have to start missing you all over again. Azra.T “Aisle 3” (via 5000letters)

This always gets me

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this kinda sums up tumblr for me


i told them that i was

but i made it sound like poetry

so they laughed with their
pretty teeth and

a quiet riverside wish // r.i.d (via veinvoices)
A relationship is only as good as the love you put into it William Chapman (via williamchapmanwritings)
I am so bored
of these boys that
think think think
instead of feeling.
E. E. Cummings said it:
“kisses are a better fate than wisdom,”
and I am living it,
pressing my mouth to others’
as a way of saying hello.
I am six tons of emotions with a tidal
wave heart. I do not think first.
I act, I react, I aim to
fall over others like a rain.
Call me foolhardy, call me illogical,
call me a spitfire of light chasing
whatever explosion brought me here.
I do not know logic
as well as I know passion,
and (I think) you can taste
my fury desire to be alive
in my kiss. Feel First, Think Second | Lora Mathis  (via lora-mathis)

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